Launched Milk Powder Packaging in 2011 with a concrete will to grow in Dairy industry ensuring a high-quality products.

. Our Milk Powder plant is equipped with most modern sophisticated machines capable enough to produce world-class quality products in a highly hygienic environment. We packed into flexible pouches as well as into metal lines with different catering size. 

We enjoy the supply of well-established brands such as RINO, SIDRA, TATCO, and several private label brands.

Pouch Product Sizes
25 Grs. x 120 Pcs.
900 Grs x 12 Pcs.
50 Grs. X 120 Pcs.
1800 Grs. X 6 Pcs.
200 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
2250 Grs. X 6 Pcs.
400 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
2500 Grs x 6 Pcs.

Tin Cans Product Size
400 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
1800 Grs. X 6 Pcs.
900 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
2500 Grs. X 6 Pcs

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