Since 1996, Tayseer Arar Food Industry was a leader in this industry in the region with a filling capacity of 35.000MT annually. 

Top Quality processing and filling lines to ensure quality and product safety. The raw material is produced from the top approved and certified suppliers in the world.

Our own renowned brands are RINO, TATCO, AL EMARAT, EMIR, SUPER FRESH, DANA, TOMTOM Etc. And we packed private label as per customer›s request. 

Product Size: We pack different concentrated products {%26-24 ,%24-22 ,&20-18 and -28 %30)

Produts size
70 Grs. X 100 Pcs
400 Grs. X 24 Pcs
830 Grs. X 12 Pcs
2.200 Grs. X 6 Pcs
2.900 Grs. X 6 Pcs
4.550 Grs. X 6 Pcs

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