Launched Milk Powder Packaging in 2011 with a concrete will to grow in Dairy industry ensuring a high-quality products.

. Our Milk Powder plant is equipped with most modern sophisticated machines capable enough to produce world-class quality products in a highly hygienic environment. We packed into flexible pouches as well as into metal lines with different catering size. 

We enjoy the supply of well-established brands such as RINO, SIDRA, TATCO, and several private label brands.

Pouch Product Sizes
25 Grs. x 120 Pcs.
900 Grs x 12 Pcs.
50 Grs. X 120 Pcs.
1800 Grs. X 6 Pcs.
200 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
2250 Grs. X 6 Pcs.
400 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
2500 Grs x 6 Pcs.

Tin Cans Product Size
400 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
1800 Grs. X 6 Pcs.
900 Grs. X 24 Pcs.
2500 Grs. X 6 Pcs

Rino Evaporated Milk

Our Evaporated milk is made from fresh milk that has about 60 percent of water content removed. It is best used for soups, sauces, appetizing snacks and desserts. 

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